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I’m sometimes asked about this and figure that with the launch of the updated site this is a good time to share a little history. began as an idea in the fall of 1999.  There were several factors that played into the decision to start it.

Posted by Dan Baldwin on 01/29/2005 at 10:27 AM in History
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A brief history of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

The following account was contributed by the Stewartstown Historical Society and is reprinted from Stewartstown Walking Tour, second edition, copyright 1993.

Stewartstown, the seventh oldest borough in York County, has a long history.  In 1774 James Savage was granted 100 acres of land in Hopewell Township by John Penn, son of William Penn.  That grant was land upon which Stewartstown now stands.

Posted by Dan Baldwin on 04/01/2001 at 03:45 PM in History
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The bums of Bailey’s Woods

This interesting report was sent to me by Tom Keesey for publication.

They would be known as the Homeless of Bailey’s Woods in today’s politically correct setting, but a generation ago everyone in the Stewartstown area knew of them as “bums,” - the Bums of Bailey’s Woods. Stewartstown Lion Don Yost is preparing a book about the phenomena and wove excerpts from it into an entertaining story for his fellow Lions at their October dinner meeting.

Posted by Dan Baldwin on 10/05/2000 at 10:53 AM in History
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