Biking around on yard sale day

Today was the fall yard sale in Stewartstown where I live.  It is the second of two days that residents may have a yard sale without paying for a permit, the other being in the spring.  Since it promised to be a beautiful day I set out on my bike to see what I could see.

As I rode from sale to sale enjoying the morning I stopped to talk to a nice lady on Ovelton who was selling houseplants.  As we chatted I learned that she was a long-time resident, that a neighbor we both knew sometimes borrowed her ladder (always taking great care of it) and that she had a set of never used silverware that my son might be interested in since he is about to move out to a home of his own.  With that information tucked away I continued my “shopping.”

Of course you can’t buy much when you’re riding a bicycle, so after awhile I decided to pedal off to Fawn Grove.  Heading south out of town on route 24 admiring the ripe-for-picking apples in the orchards along the road, I soon developed an apple craving.  There’s nothing like a sweet apple like a Jonagold, especially fresh from the orchard.  Soon I came to Shaw Orchards and pulled off to see if they sold quantities of, uh, one.  One of the two girls there greeted me and upon learning what I wanted went to check with Mary Sue Shaw.  Soon she returned and gave me what I wanted completely free of charge!  She said to just consider it a sample.  I’ve long known local fruit and vegetable operations to be great places to buy superior produce, but this certainly was more than I expected.  You can bet I’ll be buying from Shaw’s!

From there I continued my journey to Fawn Grove, contentedly munching my apple as I went (it was excellent!).  Upon arriving in Fawn Grove I noticed that their annual Olde Tyme Days were in full swing.  After stopping at the local service station to add a little air to my soft rear tire I headed for Fawn Grove Park to have a look around.  What a great event!  Lots of food and small tractors and lawn equipment of all ages filled the place!  People of all ages were there as well, plus a band including banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass.  I found the old gasoline engines to be most interesting.

After spending an enjoyable hour at Olde Tyme Days I headed for home, arriving there a bit after 11 a.m.  It was a good morning enjoying some of the events and places that are southern York County.  What a great place to live!

Posted by Dan Baldwin on 09/25/2004 at 11:18 PM in Life
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