About SYC Life

Hi!  Thanks for visiting SYC Life, the online gathering place for Southern York County, Pennsylvania.  I’m Dan Baldwin, creator and administrator of the site.  SYC Life grew out of a combination of three web-based efforts.  The first, and by far the largest is Stewartstown.com, a community site I created and maintained from November, 1999 until the end of 2005 that grew to be very popular.  The second is an early effort to create an Internet community for all of Southern York County on a more limited scale than the Stewartstown.com one.  The third is my personal web log, more popularly called a blog, that I began on a “family” web site.  Elements of all three efforts have been married into one rather unique site.

SYC Life’s geographic focus area includes Stewartstown, Shrewsbury, New Freedom, Glen Rock, Railroad, Delta, Fawn Grove, Winterstown, Red Lion, PA and surrounding communities.  As I administer SYC Life I consult with other handpicked Southern York County residents who care about the community.  All aspects of SYC Life adhere to specific guiding principles:

  • Provide useful and interesting information to the Southern York County community
  • Encourage positive community interaction
  • Create a family-friendly atmosphere, suitable for all ages
  • Be true to my faith in God

People may wonder about that last one, so let me explain.  My faith is a defining characteristic of who I am, and though some segments of modern society believe we should put that aside in the public arena, I believe our faith is as valid an influence as our education, abilities, and experiences.  If not then it’s worthless.  So my desire is to draw on my faith just as I draw on other factors in building SYC Life.  This may become obvious in several areas of the site, though undoubtedly clearest in the blog since it is where my reflections often come out.  It’s notably true that this site would probably not even exist without my faith in Jesus Christ that drives me to make the effort “as for the Lord.”

We live in a wonderful community and I want to be part of making it even better.  I hope you enjoy SYC Life!

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